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It is NREI’s objective to deliver courses that develop and increase the skills and expertise of housing counselors enabling them to provide the most up-to-date information and advice to consumers who solicit advice.

The NREI strategy is to provide a coordinated holistic approach that provides education and training geared at counselor mastery in foreclosure intervention, and instruction in meeting minimum performance standards in the provision of advice, coupled with hands-on counselor support (mentoring) to sustain the learning environment. The NREI goal is to see that each counselor practicing in the network has a national and local certification that confirms this premise. NREI’s core curriculum of training and education that includes basic through advanced counselor courses in foreclosure intervention counseling as well as testing, measurement, and evaluation of mastery and course delivery, will meet the broader goals of this overall objective.


Student Feedback

  • This is the best and most comprehensive course on theory that I have ever taken.

    Continuing Education Student, Housing Counselor



Recent Sessions

The PHFA MHA Statewide Mediation and Diversion Initiative
June 03, 2013

These classes are restricted to students participating in the PHFA MHA Statewide Mediation and Diversion Project.
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NREI111B Master Negotiation and Practicum
March 27, 2013

This course provides comprehensive instruction and practical application of proven negotiation and workout package development strategies aimed at foreclosure avoidance; and particularly in the context of court-imposed deadlines.
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